Ana Maria Alvarez

I have worked with dance and body movements for the most of my life, and I have had the opportunity travel and work with a lot of different dance styles.

This makes me the dancer and instructor I am today - able to work in many dance styles/worlds.

I mostly work with the dance styles Cuban salsa and Reggaeton, but I have also worked with samba, afro cuban dances, capoeira and modern dance.

Ana Maria Alvarez



Reynold Aguilera,
From Cuba, Havanna.

From an early age music has been in my blood, and since I came to Scandinavia in the year 2000 I have had the pleasure to travel the world as a dancer.
I work within the dancestyles Cuban salsa (couples work and Rueda de Casino), Afro Cuban dances and Orishas, Reggaeton.

In the year 2000 I founded the dance school SalsaEnergia and I have been working together with Ana Maria for the last 6 years as dance partners, organisers and choreographers.

Together we travel as dancers and instructors to different festivals and congresses.



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